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John Coffman Knoxville Biodata



John Dallas Coffman Knoxville, TN is a student at The University of Tennessee Knoxville and is seeking a degree in Kinesiology. Once Mr. Coffman receives his degree, his desire will be always to keep his own education through Dental School. Coffman is quite personable and is dedicated to any goal or action that he puts his mind.

John Coffman Knoxville Work Experience:

John Coffman's work experience starts in 2014 with world wide medical practice in Nicaragua where he had been hands-on patients from some of the most impoverished areas of the nation. There he was able to clinic dental work on many types including cleaning, fillings, and extractions. In addition, he received over a hundred shadowing hours during the journey.

Back in 2015, Coffman ran an in-depth case analysis during the International Scholar Laureate Program. This experience took him to Australia where he also attended multiple medical traditions in multiple Australian cities while researching linking medical services to the indigenous inhabitants of Australia.

Additionally, in 2015 he continued his medical work experience by shadowing Dr. Michael Brooks of Morristown, Tennessee. Coffman was allowed to observe Dr. Brown since he performed a number of procedures within his office including celebrating veneer procedures from start to finish.

In 2016, Coffman again shadowed a doctor, this time around with Dr. Patrick Morris, a Maxillofacial and oral chicago plastic surgeon who practices in Saint Louis, Missouri. He observed many approaches involving those in the operating theater.

John Coffman Knoxville, TN Education:

John Coffman Knoxville got admitted Morristown Hamblen West High School at Morristown, Tennessee by 2010 to 2014. Throughout his final year of senior high school he was a double enrolled at Walters State Community College where he received college credit due to his classes.

From 2013 to 2014 he attended Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. There, he played with division one football while taking the full course load.

Coffman transferred to The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Tennessee at 2014 and is currently enrolled as a full time student within the Kinesiology program.

John Coffman Knoxville Extracurricular Activities:

John Coffman Knoxville was part of the Knoxville, Tennessee chapter of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity as 2014. In 2015 he served as Corresponding Secretary. He's been a member of the Global Medical Training club since 2014 and remains busy in the company. Coffman is also a part of the Student Dental Association, and the National Society of Leadership and Success.